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The group is dedicated to Web, mobile and desktop applications development with Delphi, C#, C++, Sencha, Angular, Python, Arduino and the Raspberry Pi Writing software with Delphi/C++ has never been so easy than today and it is now also completely free with the new Community edition of the Delphi /C++ IDE (https://www.embarcadero.com/de/products/delphi/starter). The objectives of the group are to learn all possible aspects of the products, develop our skills and also collectively write cool apps, web applications and laverage functionalities that development platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry and custom electronics devices can offer. We will focus on EXT JS (Sencha) to build our Web Application on the browser side. The group is also open to peoples having HTML5 / javascript or PHP/Java skills willing to mix programming languages and use the best of all worlds! We recommend that you download the FREE GPL3 EXT-JS SDK and experiment immediately! Students starting learning programming language or electronic are very, very welcome. We are welcoming also electronics engineers all level! We are putting at your disposition beamer, screen, WordPress and OpenProject instances, several Arduino and Raspberry Pi, many sensors and actuartors, a 3D printer and a small electronic workshop and of course a clood server just for running our web applications! So join us and have fun!
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